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Creating value in your bus iness is not a nice to have\, but a requirement as you build for the futur e. \; Business valuation techniq ues vary depending on the industry and market\, but there are simple guide lines and rules available to maximize value.

In this session you will learn techniques business valuators use to value a business. \; We will provide case examples\, along with terms and strategies to maximize value .


Meet Your Facilitator:

Nadi ne Wightman is a Partner with MNP’\;s Valuation and Litigation Suppor t group in Saskatoon. Nadine delivers valuation reports and valuation cons ulting services on behalf of owners of private companies\, insurance compa nies and lawyers in a wide range of industries\, including health care\, m anufacturing\, construction\, oil and gas service and retail.

Taking a thorough\, in-depth approach\, Nadine considers all aspects of the business when preparing valuations. She has c ompleted assignments for purchase and sale transactions\, the settlement o f matrimonial property\, the resolution of shareholder disputes\, corporat e reorganizations and the quantification of damages resulting from a busin ess interruption or a breach of contract.